Privacy Policy

- What data do we collect, on the site and on the bot?

• On the site:

The only data we collect on the site comes from Discord. Namely, the identification (username, avatar and banner), your email address and your server information.

• On the bot:

For the time being and subject to new plugins, we collect, for the user, only his ID. For a guild, only its ID.

- Why do we need this data?

We need all this data to enable the various TIFD services to function properly

- How do we use this data?

• On the site:

Identification for the Header, dashboard and user cardEmail for our contact pageInformation from your different servers for the dashboard

• On the bot:

Whether for a server or a user, its ID allows us to identify it

- How can you contact us?

All requests, whether they are concerns about TIFD, about the deletion of your data or for any other reason, go through on page/contact